Accept your children as a gift and an uncut diamond that you must polish so that instead of constantly hearing the epithet “different”, “strange”, “not normal”, you will more often hear “special”, “unreal”, “gifted”, “talented”.


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What I‘ve learned from my autistic son

What I‘ve learned from my autistic son

This April 2nd 2020 is different and unique. Never before have we experienced how autistic people feel and what they know from birth. Most of these people (including my son) don’t know or understand time, money, honour and power. Paradoxically, these things are (or at...




Parents of children who have invisible special needs often feel isolated, judged and frustrated until they meet other parents sharing a similar journey. (Susan Zajicek – Parents Supporting Parents).

I Dedicate This Book To:

– Parents whose children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or they are still going through the assessment process. Also to parents who may have the feeling that their child is somewhere on the spectrum and they look for answers to their questions.

Teachers, staff of preschools, psychologists, occupational and speech and language therapists and other specialists who see “different children” in their work environment, but can only guess what kind of challenges these children and their parents face outside the School, Preschool or other institution.

– Politicians, heads of different institutions and employees working in the fields of education and social affairs who want to change something, perhaps to get useful information and ideas about the work of such institutions and organizations in other countries.

What You Will Find In The Book

My story

Without my son this book wouldn’t exist. I understand every mom, dad who goes down the same path. In the book I share my experiences and feelings that accompanied me when I felt that my child was not like the others and when we heard the official diagnosis.

8 true stories of moms

The biggest part of this book is the stories of 8 moms who I know personally. It is no accident that I chose women of different nationalities – Irish and Lithuanian. Their stories and experiences are based on the same questions, but the answers have their own backgrounds, reasons and different cases.

Comments and experiences of 4 professionals

Comments from a teacher working in a special autistic classroom, occupational therapist, speech therapist and psychologist. These are people who have been working with autistic children and teenagers in Ireland for many years, and whose knowledge and experience in this area is very diverse, useful and interesting.

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